#Perverts In The News…Cop Masturbates With Preteen Boy

Via Memeorandum

An Ohio Highway Patrolman admitted to masturbating in the same room with a preteen boy, to a pornographic video and no charges will be filed…WTF?!?

From the Sandusky Register:

An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with a history of domestic violence won’t face charges related to alleged sexual encounters involving a boy, Sandusky County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean O’Connell said.

Click HERE for more stories involving the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office

Trooper Ricky Vitte Jr. acknowledged to his wife that he watched porn with the boy five years ago and both Vitte and the boy masturbated together, according to a report by O’Connell.

Vitte later told his wife he was attempting to teach the boy about sex, the report said.

Vitte said a dresser blocked his and the boy’s views of each other as they both masturbated, according to the report, which also alleges there were two sexual encounters of that nature involving Vitte and the boy.

“Rick’s reasoning is the fact that he did not want (the boy) to feel pressured on feeling the need to have to have sex with someone, when he can fix those needs by masturbating to porn,” O’Connell wrote after an interview with Vitte’s wife.

Huh? More from the article:

“I can’t imagine a situation where that would be appropriate in our culture,” clinical counselor Marlene Boas said.

“If he would’ve masturbated in the same room as (a pre-teen girl), do you think he would be prosecuted?” Boas said.

Vitte is a state trooper in good standing, according to his personnel file with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. His annual salary at the Toledo patrol post is about $83,000.

His father, Richard Vitte Sr., is a retired Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper.

Vitte’s wife, and the past girlfriend of the 5-year-old child who was bruised and bleeding from his buttocks after Vitte spanked the boy and allegedly head-butted the woman, both obtained civil protection orders against Vitte in the past.

Dude has a history of domestic abuse and is still allowed to keep his job and service handgun? A regular citizen would have had their right to keep a firearm taken away and possibly done jail time for the same thing.

It’s official…we live in a sick society as pointed out here and here.

It’s only going to get worse if we keep electing pantywaist liberals and progressive leftists into office. They in turn appoint like minded bureaucrats to positions of power and the sickness goes on.

And then there’s the story out of Florida as reported by Stacy McCain about the eighteen year old young man who performed in gay porn supposedly to support his mother, got kicked out of school, then reinstated when there was a public outcry from other students and the general public, meaning the LGBQ crowd got their panties in a wad and the school backed up.


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