What Is The First Rule Of Holes? Bueller…Bueller?

I love the smell of a good smack down in the evening and no one does it better than Ken White of Popehat law blog.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that Texas attorney Carl David Cedar has really stepped on it. Just a small taste:

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.” “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.” “First, do no harm.” These familiar sayings all carry the germ of the same simple but true idea: when you’re in a jam, it’s easy to make it worse, so try not to.

Plano, Texas attorney Carl David Ceder ought to familiarize himself with that rule.

Carl David Ceder, a criminal defense practitioner in the Dallas area, has a web site, and that site has a blog, and that blog has posts, and one of those posts was a straight unattributed rip-off of Dan Hull’s list of 12 Rules of Client Service. It’s off Ceder’s site now — he’s replaced it with a wordy (even by my standards) and mostly unreadable meditation on the subject.

Copying someone else’s blog content and presenting it without attribution on your own site is called scraping. Scrapers — whether they are crazy or profit-motivated — are justifiably held in low esteem by anyone who blogs or enjoys writing. Scrapers often defend themselves with some variation on “you ought to be flattered” or “you ought to be ashamed for making a big deal of this.”

When Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice called out Carl David Ceder for scraping — first taking the courtesy to email him — Ceder came roaring in with a jaw-dropping display of popped-collar douchebro bluster, Joycean rambling, and defensiveness in the comments. What struck me was how closely the reaction matched that of an angry spammer who once showed up in the comments here after I wrote about his feckless SEO spam. I’ve culled some highlights from Mr. Ceder’s multipleappearancesinScott’scomments, which typify responses from angry defensive people whose scraping is called out. Follow the links and consider the full comments yourself. Thematic highlights:

The statement of butthurt: “I just found this and take major offense.”

When Ken gets on a rant, it can be epic.

There’s a whole lot more and it’s worth the read.

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