Property Seizures Through ObamaCare?

Asylum Watch

What we don’t know can indeed hurt us. What I don’t know could fill the Library of Congress and then some. And, that’s true of all of us, isn’t it? Fortunately, we have the internet, where we often learn about things by accident while searching or researching other subjects. That happened to me today. While reading an article at the Canada Free Press (H?T to BadBlue Uncensored News) on the never-ending Global Warming sham, I came across something I’d never heard about before. This an excellent article briefly covers a lot of ground on how government policies based on the threat of Global Warming and the UN’s Agenda 21 are hurting middle class Americans.

Part of the article reminds us about the Agenda 21 goal to eventually concentrate all people into ultra-high concentration urban centers; the  Emerging Megaregions for 2050 America. This is the bit that caught my attention:

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