Repeal the 25th Amendment?

Imagine Obama and Biden are impeached and the only resort is John ” Crying” Boehner.


Back in 1974, when Gerald Ford became vice-president without having been elected, there was a general movement to repeal or modify the 25th amendment. Oddly enough, this movement faded when Ford became president and then came back full force when Ford pardoned Nixon. There was a sense that the democratic process was not functioning properly.

It’s important to recognize that the 25th amendment was only seven years old when Ford became president. It was a widely-praised reform aimed at eliminating the likelihood that the Speaker of the House, third in line of official secession, would ever become President. At the time, it was argued that Speakers were elected only by their district, which might be a tiny fraction of the population and parochial in their view point. It never occurred to anyone that the President and Vice-President might both by forced from office by disgrace within a single term.

The 25th…

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