What if this lady had not been armed?

The Daley Gator

Republican lawmakers need to do a better job of getting the word out about how many Americans use guns in self-defense. One tactic I have long advocated is getting as many of these folks to tell their stories on Capitol Hill, and in state legislatures. Put actual faces behind the stats. Let the people know the facts. Guns save more lives more often, far more often, than they are used to take innocent life. Why will Republicans NOT use this strategy? I imagine many Americans would gladly share their testimony. And their stories would counteract the Left’s rhetoric in a very realistic, and yes, moving fashion. We need to tell stories like this one found at Bearing Arms

Bob Owens makes a crucial point about those who say we should just call the police and hide, or lock ourselves in a bedroom. Sometimes, quite often in fact, that is not…

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One thought on “What if this lady had not been armed?

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