Legalization Of Marijuana Not Necessarily A Good Thing

I recently reblogged a post by Richard G. Koph at Hercules and The Umpire, (a law blog), who posited a question about the legal and other ramifications of the new Colorado law legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana.

Scott H. Greenfield of Simple Justice gave a pretty good answer on the economics of the question, whether it was a win for the legal growers/sellers and state of Colorado or the cartels who’s business would be effected by the legalization.

I want to go at it from the other side of the equation…the user side.

I was a smoker of the illicit weed for about 35 years or so. I’m not saying that I was addicted to Pot, at least not physically addicted, but there were times that I felt I had to have it. IANAD, but I believe it’s called psychological addiction.

Back in the day when I was single, it was not uncommon to smoke a quarter ounce or more in a day depending on what I/We were doing and how many other smokers there were hanging around. Unlike other drugs that are sold by increments of the gram or “rock” to users, like Cocaine, Methamphetamine or Heroin, Pot is usually sold by increments of the ounce and is therefore plentiful and easily shared with others. Back then, Pot was about $35 to $100 an ounce as opposed to $80 a gram for Coke.

Recently, I went from smoking lots of pot down to maybe smoking a few puffs of a  “joint” a day or maybe a couple of pipe fulls a day after work and then most recently to just smoking one every once in a while, like every month or so.

An innocent or non-smoker might think that there’s only one kind of Marijuana out there…they would be sadly mistaken. There are as many strains of Weed as there are growers.

I think it all started when people found out that the Female plant/bud was more potent than the male plant/bud, especially if you could keep the male from fertilizing the female. That’s why the good pot has very little to no seeds in the bud.

The many strains of pot have different kinds of effects on the smoker, at least from what I could tell. Some strains will make a person lazy and give you the munchies and other strains seem to make you more aware of what you’re doing, almost like giving one a sense of heightened concentration. ( It’s not the same as say, taking LSD or some other psychedelic drug where one might do something really stupid like jump off a building because they think they can fly, or step out in front of a speeding bus because they all of a sudden think they have superhuman powers.) It’s more like a super caffeine buzz.

That’s my experience with weed from an anecdotal perspective.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also say that I DO NOT recommend a person go out and buy some weed to try out themselves. It can make your life somewhat less than it would otherwise be, if not totally ruin it all together. A bust for simple possession can cost you your driver’s license as well as any occupational licenses and possibly cost you your wife and kids, plus the added fact that you now have a drug related offense on your record for the world and potential employers to see.

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always either been self-employed or else worked for outfits that didn’t do drug testing. Most companies now do have drug testing as a condition of employment and you can be tested at random anytime during your employment.

Some of the health effects of long term smoking are irrefutable, especially when coupled with the effects of smoking tobacco, ie., COPD, Emphysema and other lung related diseases. It’s also been said that smoking weed can effect your liver in a bad way.

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