Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

Via Memeorandum

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League had an interesting exchange with the leaders of the NYC Gay Pride Parade when he requested permission to enter a banner in the parade that said…” Straight Is Great.”

Evidently, before being “allowed” to maybe have his banner represented in the parade, Bill would be required to attend a “sensitivity training” seminar. According to the Gay Guy, it was a “mandatory rule” and there would be no deviation from their rules.

But isn’t that what gays wanted the directors of Saint Patrick’s Day parades to do…bend the rules for them? The rules for St. Paddy’s Day parades strictly forbid banners of self promotion. Gays wanted the rules to be changed for them, but yet, they won’t bend on own their rules.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

5 thoughts on “Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

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  3. I’d only ever be shocked if the WEREN’T hypocrites, partner.
    They have no integrity, and they feel entitled to keep on having no integrity.

    Progressives: they’re all the same.

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