And You Thought “Sinkhole Of Bureaucracy” Was A Metaphor

Blame the public sector unions.

The Camp Of The Saints

A special guest post by Friend In The Ether Adobe Walls…

Think “Sinkhole of bureaucracy” is just a metaphor? Well it is, but not just a metaphor, it’s also a Washington headline for an article written by David A. Fahrenthold and a place in Boyars Pennsylvania. It’s actually an old limestone mine where 600 government workers are employed by the Office of Personnel Management to process retiree benefits by hand, shuffling paper which they keep in 28,000 file cabinets. But not to worry the work is done at the speed of 1977.



First in a series examining the failures at the heart of troubled federal systems.

I’m not sure just where David A. Fahrenthold is heading with this series but I shall certainly keep my eye out for more articles. Breaking points is certainly an apt description of what government does and does…

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