Syndicated Columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. Gives Mental Retardation A Try

The Rio Norte Line

Here’s the short version of the liberal take on Hobby Lobby via the Houston Chronicle and syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr.

“Shut up and pay up.”

Actual quote:

“There is something intrusive and even faintly Talibanesque about the idea of religious values shared by some of us being imposed on thousands of us because of where they happen to work.”

Christian opposition to abortifacient drugs is just like the Taliban…right. Yep. Christians routinely support stoning for adultery and are pretty cool with genital mutilation, too. I guess that is why the Taliban murders little school girls – just to thwart their contraceptive choices.

Except for the fact that Hobby Lobby is a business owned by a Christian family that pays starting employees 80% higher than minimum wage, closes early so their employees can see their families at night, keeps their stores closed on Sundays, one of the week’s biggest shopping…

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