TRUTH: Secular History Affirms the Biblical Story of the Crucifixion

The Oil for Your Lamp

One of the reasons so many skeptics give for not accepting God is that (so they claim) history does not confirm any of the Bible’s stories — especially the stories of events they consider ‘supernatural.’ The problem with this excuse – and that’s what it is: an excuse — the evidence they demand actually exists. It’s just that no one reports it or, if they do, the skeptic rejects it. But that is irrational. If the ‘secular’ record supports the Biblical account, then rejecting them both is a choice of rebellion, not a rational conclusion supported by the facts. So, on this Good Friday, I thought I would share something with you: skeptic and believer alike. Here is the ‘proof’ that the Bible’s account of the crucifixion is true and accurate:

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