#LindseyGraham Cruisin’ On Empty?

Via Washington Examiner

Incumbent US Senator Lindsey Graham thinks he’s sitting in the Catbird’s seat. With two terms under his belt, lots of money in his campaign account and a few major endorsements, he’s thinking he will cruise to an easy victory.

When Sen. Lindsey Graham received a major endorsement last week from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the setting was, from a campaign-optics perspective, nearly perfect.


Now, while his Republican opponents scramble to scrape together campaign donations and support, Graham has been hosting relaxed barbecues for supporters across the state, free of charge.

“You serve people free barbecue, and they will come,” Graham said, grinning, at a recent event in Simpsonville, S.C., where aides had just added another table to squeeze in the last few of a 130-person crowd.

I reckon with almost 7 Million bucks in his campaign coffers, Graham can afford to buy votes give away free barbeque.

Graham faces seven challengers to his seat in the Republican primary June 10th in South Carolina, but two of those candidates are his closest rivals. They are Anderson businessman Richard Cash and State Senator Lee Bright from Greenville.

As I reported here, both challengers were on message that for the sake of South Carolina and America, we need to fire Lindsey Graham.

I believe South Carolina is the litmus test for the rest of the country as far as getting rid of incumbent senators who have not been following the wishes of their constituents. If we can defeat Graham, then other states like Kentucky, Mississippi and Kansas will have hope that they too can fire their incumbent RINO’s.

Right now, Graham has a 40% approval rating in South Carolina. And most of his campaign money is coming from California and New York. Why is that?

If Graham doesn’t win the primary outright and has to face a challenger in a runoff election, money will pour in to his opponent from the national grassroots PACS.

Mr. Graham thinks he has an easy victory coming to him. Kind of reminds me of an old fable.

Lindsey Graham might not want to count his victory until he actually runs the race is all I’m saying.

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