Take Your Pick To Replace #LindseyGraham

The South Carolina primary is drawing near. In one month, we will go to the polls and select the GOP nominee for the US senate seat now held by Lindsey Graham. The same Lindsey Graham who voted for President Obama’s two liberal Supreme Court Justices, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayer. The same Lindsey Graham who is pushing the President’s amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.

There are seven people vying for Graham’s senate seat, but only two have a good chance of beating him. They are businessman Richard Cash and SC State Senator Lee Bright. Both are from the Upstate, as is Lindsey Graham. If you recall, I mentioned that over 30 percent of the republican vote in South Carolina comes from the four counties in the Upstate.

Both challengers have TV commercials ready to air. Here is Richard Cash’s campaign ad:

And here is the ad for Lee Bright:

As you can see, both challengers are focused on defeating incumbent Lindsey Graham and they are obeying Reagan’s Eleventh Commandant by not attacking each other. And they both have promised to support whomever wins…or comes in second to Graham forcing a runoff election. Graham can be beat.

Either one of these gentlemen would do a good job for South Carolinians and all Americans. Both believe in and support the Constitution and BOR as originally written.

They can use your support. Please donate if you can.

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