Thom Tillis Takes NC GOP Senate Primary, Avoids Runoff

Tuesday, May 6th


Thom Tillis the Speaker of the North Carolina House won the GOP U.S. senate primary and hit the crucial 40% mark to avoid a runoff election.

Tillis won while fending off both Republican contenders and attack ads from Senator Reid’s PAC (Senate Majority PAC) that claimed he called Obamacare “a great idea.” His full quote called it “a great idea that can’t be paid for.”

Speaker Tillis was widely considered the most electable GOP candidate for both his more moderate posturing (e.g., second amendment limits for the mentally ill) and his tremendous fundraising advantage. Support from major organizations, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, and Americans for Prosperity, went a long way in the victory. American Crossroads spent $1.5 million in ad support while Americans for Property contributed over $7 million. This PAC support was especially crucial in making a…

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