Hi…My Name Is Harry Reid And I’m A Koch Addict

They say the first step for an addict is admitting they have a problem. Harry Reid hasn’t reached that stage yet.

To become an addict, you must have enablers…the people who feed your habit. For Reid, it’s MSNBC and other liberal news outlets.

The thing is, the Koch Brothers not only donate money to conservative causes, but also give money to some liberals as well. You won’t see lib favorite George Soros giving to conservatives   According to this article in NewsMax:

Democrats may also be viewed as living in a glass house, according to Boothe, because the Kochs have also donated to the their side of the aisle. Since 2000, according to Boothe, the brothers have given more than $1.4 million to Democrats and $60,000 since 2008 to the DSCC.

Harry Reid wants to overturn the Citizens United decision that said corporations, associations and labor unions can’t be restricted in their donations to political campaigns.

But Harry, won’t that screw up the extremely generous donations from the labor unions and multibillionaire George Soros to liberal causes as well?

People can’t see the forest for the trees. The Kochs’ are also very philanthropic, donating hundreds of millions to hospitals, cancer research and college endowments.

4 thoughts on “Hi…My Name Is Harry Reid And I’m A Koch Addict

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