South Carolina Republican Senate Debate Live Stream…7:00 EST…UPDATED

Tonight’s the debate between incumbent senator Lindsey Graham and challengers Lee Bright and Richard Cash. I’m not sure if any of the other challengers will be in the debate or not.

Here’s the live stream of the debate. It starts at 7:00 PM EST.

UPDATE: Debate is over.

The South Carolina Republican debate featured all the candidates running against Lindsey Graham. They were Det Bowers, Bill Connor, Richard Cash, Lee Bright, Nancy Mace, and Bengamin Dunn

All the candidates spoke about their conservative bona fides, but Lindsey Graham has a track record disputing that.

The candidates who stood out for me were Bill Connor and Lee Bright.

Bill Connor has no political experience, but his experience in foreign policy are impeccable as a retired Army officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lee Bright has served the people of South Carolina in the state senate and has a good conservative track record to prove it.

All the candidates want to repeal ObamaCare. And they all said that allowing people to buy insurance across state lines is a good idea that needs to be implemented. Tort reform was also mentioned.

All the candidates except for Graham said that illegal immigrants needed to go back home and come back the right way. Serious enforcement of E-Verify was mentioned as the solution that would solve 90 percent of the problem. No jobs would send most of the illegals back home. Also securing the border.

Several of the candidates mentioned doing away with several federal agencies that aren’t constitutionally mandated, such as the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and HUD.

All in all, a good debate where Lindsey Graham was on the defensive during the entire affair.


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