Harvey Levin’s Chilling OJ Simpson Story

Regular Right Guy

4750cb6a6f45ea9e8d01c6ae5031f8b1Ron Goldman and OJ Simpson ex Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered 20 years ago last night.

If you are under 40, you may not remember that former Buffalo Bill’s running back OJ “The Juice” Simpson used to have a great life and make millions doing this and other dumb things on TV and in B movies.

That was before practically every white and semi-white racist in America smeared his good name. They all made a rush to judgment and accused OJ of butchering his ex-wife and a guy he suspected she was about to have sex with.

When in fact OJ didn’t give a flying flake in a snowstorm what his ex-wife did with her time. Why weren’t the authorities looking for the Columbian drug dealers who really murdered the mother of OJ children?

Of course, as almost everyone knows, OJ was acquitted of these brutal murders.

But TMZ’s Harvey Levin recounts his…

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