President Stompy Foot…I will Bypass Congress On Immigration

This just in…President Obama has said he will bypass Congress to “fix” immigration. Boy, he’s done a tremendous job so far, hasn’t he?

President Obama announced a retreat on interior immigration enforcement Monday, saying he is going to shift resources from deporting illegal immigrants inside the U.S. and send them to the border to try to stop the latest surge of children and families attempting to cross.

The announcement amounts to a concession that the chances for a broad immigration deal are deal this year.

Mr. Obama also said he will take action by the end of the summer to try to halt even more deportations, once he gets a final recommendation back from his attorney general and Homeland Security chief.

“If congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours,” the president said in an afternoon speech from the White House Rose Garden.

He was trying to use one stone to kill two birds: He has been under fierce pressure from immigrant-rights groups to halt deportations within the interior of the U.S., while also facing pressure to handle the surge of children and families, who have exposed massive holes in current border security.

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