It’s Called Usurpation, it is the Act of a Tyrant or Dictator and it is Impeachable


This nation has a Constitution. That Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It divides the power of the central government between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches, and it further defines what power or authority each of those branches has. This is the law. It is not a ‘suggestion.’ So, when one of these three branches of government intentionally and habitually invades the authority of the other two, it is not ‘borrowing’ the power of the other branches, it is usurping it – and that is not only the act of a tyrant or dictator, but an impeachable offense which should find the offending party out of office and in jail for sedition and/or subversion of the Constitution.

This week, Obama continued his boastful claims that he will go around Congress. This is a euphemism for saying he will dictate to this nation. Not only are these actions…

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