Costco #Nosale Dumps ‘America’

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It seems Costco Nosale, er, Wholesale is backpedaling on its decision to deep-six author/producer Dinesh D’Sousa’s new book. After, that is, the discount chain’s management lied about why it dumped the title in the first place, and why they are reordering it now, after the unexpected public backlash.

The store has kept Hillary Clinton’sHard Choices” on its shelves, despite the fact that, by most accounts, the few people who wasted $20.95 on it are filing it in their starter-log boxes for next winter.

Yet D’Sousa’s book, “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” was tossed out on the eve of its companion film documentary’s—all but guaranteed to be a box office smash—release in theaters last week.


Thousands of Costco shoppers took to the wholesaler’s Facebook page threatening to drop their store memberships after the retailer pulled copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s newest anti-Obama book from its…

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