The Rio Norte Line

Last night I had my parents and some friends over for jambalaya. Here is a snippet from our conversation:

Sal (my mom) – Isn’t that awful about all these illegals coming in?

Friend – We have to think of what the Christian thing to do is.

Sal – What would Jesus do?

Dad – Send em to Detroit; plenty of housing.


As I was lying in bed, the question did cause my 3% to swim. What is the Christian thing to do? Is it a Christian thing, really? I mean the laws of our land seem quite keen on separating church and state.

For me, it is almost akin to comparing apples to oranges. I say this because Christians are encouraged to give of their own free will. The govt., on the other hand, steals (taxes) from its individuals to do its own will. Christianity is an expression of…

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