Illegal Immigrants : Bad! _ Refugees : Good!

Asylum Watch

The internet is ablaze this morning with the news that our government is considering a plan to resolve the crisis of tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants from Central America are flooding across our southern border. Bunkerville, as usual,  has done an outstanding job on the subject.

Who would have know that such a serious problem could be potentially solved by a linguistic change. The issue of illegal immigrants has become a political hot potato in America over the last years. One attempt to put this problem to rest was to stop calling these people illegal immigrants and instead call them undocumented immigrants. The idea, I suppose, was that “undocumented” sounded less threatening than “illegal”. Unfortunately for the wordsmiths, “undocumented” didn’t catch-on like they had hoped.  Although a less threatening word, it didn’t generate any special sympathy for those wanting to live in America without permission.


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2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants : Bad! _ Refugees : Good!

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