2+2 Must = 5

The Camp Of The Saints

Some thoughts that came to me after reading a TOM commentator’s remarks on something Stacy McCain wrote [that is spot-on, per usual on such matters]…

First, Stacy:

Whatever else the feminists may be wrong about, they are correct that “woman” is a biological condition involving XX chromosomes and, y’know, being born with a vagina. This isn’t prejudice, it’s science.

Commentator Anon Y. Mous:

Isn’t it weird to even have to say something that is so trivial as a point in an argument. It’s like having a discussion with someone where you have to point out that 1+1=2, and they won’t even concede that. You can say it is math all you like, but they insist that it just isn’t true.

It may feel weird, but it is not surprising at all because that is where Ideology inevitably leads.

Ideologues construct a false Reality and seek to impose it upon Reality —…

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