Javier Bardem Isn’t Anti-Semitic Anymore… This Week

Regular Right Guy

380x1000px-LL-94869299_110635505175438A0E701FFollowing the predictable age-old scenario in which showbiz people pretend to seem smart, Javier Bardem blew himself up this week. Metaphorically… unfortunately.

You know, Javier Bardem?

Yeah, me either.

Okay, anyway he’s a Spanish (not to be confused with other people of Hispanic origin who also get into to the United States by illicit means) actor who played the creepy villains in “No Country for Old Men” and “Skyfall,” and the creepy degenerate boyfriend in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

Then, apparently not having anything else to do with his time, he decided to say something anti-Semitic.

And then unsay it…

So being creepy, it seems, is not a big stretch for Javier.

Big Hollywood:

Javier Bardem, like wife Penelope Cruz, is having second thoughtsabout calling the Israeli actions against Hamas genocide.

The power couple signed a statement earlier this week that decried…

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