A World Gone Grim

The Western left has finally manufactured a world that it likes, led by the object of their adulation. How could they have known it would be this way? They are like the dog that caught the car and found the occupants liked dog meat.

That tells the tale. Be careful what you wish for.

The Camp Of The Saints

Richard Fernandez published a brilliant column yesterday over at PJ Media on the world situation that is depressing and very perceptive.

I strongly urge you to click here and read all of it, as it starkly lays before the reader the grim realities of a world where two Totalitarian forces dominate in the absence of what once was the greatest force for Good: The West — especially the part of it known as The Anglosphere.

A few excerpts:

The story adds, almost superfluously, that ISIS is attempting to shoot down aid deliveries. They would do that, wouldn’t they? Yet all this time the world was assured there was nothing to worry about in the hundreds of radical mosques, the thousands of militants eagerly received into the West and creeping sharia law in its institutions. The dangers, they were told, all lay in the Tea Party and elusive militia groups…

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