It’s time to kick that “turkey” Turkey out of NATO

Asylum Watch

In the 60’s, the expression: “You’re such a turkey!” implied that the person on the receiving end of the comment was a loser, inept, a fool, or generally uncool. Turkey a member of NATO has become all of those things and much worse under the leadership of  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. A much stronger adjective is need to describe what a non-ally Turkey has become. Under Erdogan, Turkey has gone from being a decidedly secular nation to a decidedly Islamic nation.

Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum has written a series of excellent articles on the evolution of Turkey from friend to foe. The first article I want to direct yo to is titled How Turkey Went Bad.  This is an excellent background article on the history of Turkey, which includes the rise of Erdogan to power and the disturbing parallels between his style and that of…

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