If Orwell Had Written ‘1984’ With @SarahPalinUSA In Mind

The Camp Of The Saints

Special guest post by M. Joseph Sheppard.


The left has gone crazy, lashing out in their portends of defeat at their “5 minute hate figure-Sarah Palin. Really, it is astounding, dumbfounding actually, that the closer the election gets, the greater the number of near hysterical anti-Palin tweets from “progressives.” It seems the Liberals have gone collectively mad. Palin is not running for anything, they deem her “irrelevant and “a diminished figure”. But, Palin makes a statements-on climate change/Ebola for example and Liberal’s Tweets explode. 

She controls their minds — in a manner unseen in political life previously. Their portends of coming electoral defeat, the final end of the “hopey changey” stuff drenches their Tweets with bitter salt tears and in their hapless hopeless fury they lash out at their hate figure. George Orwell summed up the heart of the “progressive” left in his ‘1984″ satire. Were he alive today…

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