I am a horrible Christian who loves zombies

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

When I was in high school I played guitar in a band. Nearly every day I would walk past a very devout Christian neighbor’s house with my six string on my back and, almost without fail, hear the following.

“Off to play that devil music again eh Jimmy? Be warned son, Satan will have his way with you…”


Apparently I ruffled a few Christian feathers with yesterday’s post about Halloween.

The problem some of my readers had was rooted not only in the fact that I don’t have any problems with Halloween, per se but also in the fact that I enjoy “demon inspired” fiction that will eventually corrupt my soul.

Will it?

Will watching The Walking Dead and The Following as a discerning Christian who understands they are works of fiction doom me to Hell?

Am I, as I have been accused, on the wrong path, a slave to…

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