Living In The Ice Age

The Camp Of The Saints

Western Civilization has come to this.

No, not the fact that this woman is mentally ill and parade’s her illness as something that makes her special — a badge of honor, if you will.

Not that she uses a political movement’s thinking as a tool of denial in order to deceive herself into thinking that she is not seriously mentally ill and needs help.*

No.  What I mean is that this disturbed and deranged girl is seen by members of our Society as having Legitimacy, instead of said Society insisting, for her own good, she be committed to a hospital for the mentally sick immediately before she hurts others or, as is more likely, herself.

The climate in The West has, indeed, changed and we are now living in an Ice Age, where, as we have ‘Progressed’, we have lost our Humanity, our Souls.

*And the political movement — in…

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