Hiding In The Dark

The Rio Norte Line

barack obama inauguration speech quotes_2…or perhaps more accurately, hiding behind the dark.

I know that this will sound racist – but that is exactly what this administration has been doing since day one – hiding their membership in the ineptocracy behind a veil of their skin color, invoking the cry of “Racism!” every time their agenda was challenged.

I’m more than a little angry that left-wing nutjobs like Charlie Rangel are still doing it. Even the painfully white Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is invoking the racism and misogyny of her own constituents as a reason she is lagging in the polls. Thom Tillis in North Carolina has been accused of causing Travyon Martin to get shot.

The sad fact is that the Obama team and his black supporters saw his election as a chance, not for Hope and Change, but a chance to take down the white power structure, it was time to “get…

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