Crime and Punishment In America’s Police State

Asylum Watch

“Let the punishment fit the crime” is a concept of jurisprudence that goes back to biblical times. With the noted exception of Justice Atonin Scalia, most legal scholars argue that the concept is covered  by the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution: “federal and state criminal laws can’t allow excessive bail or fines, or “cruel and unusual punishment.” Although whether the punishment does indeed fit a given crime is naturally subjective, it is a concept that has been applied throughout America’s history; that is, until Barack Obama became President of these United States. The Obama Doctrine, as demonstrated by through actions and deeds, since he took office, can be summed up as follows: The federal government can do what ever it pleases and is unrestrained by the constitution or the federal courts, including the Supreme Court. Furthermore, the degree of punishment for an alleged crime will be at the…

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