Fun With Drudge Headlines!

The Camp Of The Saints

It’s been a while

New gay marriage ruling means high court review likely…

You legalize pot and see what happens!

Lena Dunham Sick…

Yeah…we knew that already.

POLL: Hollande approval hits record low 12%…
Faces grilling on unemployment…

That punishment’s a little harsh, don’t ya think?

Alternate: Jeez, them French will cook anything.

Popular Gangster Rapper Shot, Killed While Eating Lunch Inside Busy MCDONALD’S…


CLAIM: One Person’s Brain Controlled Another’s Movements in Mind Control Study…

I told you: the truth about what Valerie Jarrett does would eventually come out. [But will Barry??? – IYKWIMAITYD]


Example of what the people in the news bidness call a ‘standing headline‘.

CONDI RICE: Dem racial attacks ‘appalling’…

Yeah, but to the Left their appealing.

Wendy Davis campaign blames loss on Ebola…

I wouldn’t dare try to outdo that headline.


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