Ol’ Remus has a question about silver

Asylum Watch

Here is a question to ponder from the journal of Ol’ Remus, otherwise know as the Woodpile Report, The question has to do with real money, in this case silver, whether history might repeat itself should the worse that could happen, happens.


art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpgart-remus-ident-04.jpgSilver, a question.

Please note—this question concerns silver specifically. The reader is asked to mentally insert an “including” or “excluding” gold, where and as applicable, rather than have the article encumbered with tedious asides.

Woodpile Report readers are generally familiar with the notion of money versus currency, but before Remus asks his question it may be good to recount the sorry yet fascinating misadventure of how we got where we are.

In 1933, President Roosevelt devalued the dollar by repricing gold while simultaneously outlawing private ownership of gold. For the citizen, already hard-pressed by the ever-deepening Depression, Roosevelt’s decree meant he had to exchange…

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