Citizen Tom

freedomconscienceIn my last post, I mentioned a couple of debates.  One continues here, Biblical Truths, with siriusbizinus. Here is ‘s latest comment.

Essentially my assertions that God doesn’t exist is a conclusion. I have stated this openly in the discussion. And although I cannot disprove God, no one can sufficiently prove God either through objective, non-testimonial, falsifiable evidence. Simply because I cannot conclusively disprove God does not make my position untenable. All it means is that people can reach different conclusions.

Furthermore, I actually have studied the Bible, and the claims that I discount are mostly unfalsifiable. That some of the claims have proven true do not reach the question of whether or not there is divine anything in the universe. I addressed that specifically in the post above.

Third, I am a former Christian. I have studied the Bible, and I am quite familiar with the claims it…

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