Rise of the Clavinites

The Rio Norte Line

cliff_clavin___swiss_army_knives_by_thecreativeroy-d5bj2g0We like to think that we are still a republic – and we do go through the motions of a republic, holding our elections, fighting over our political positions, witnessing our checks and balances, revering the wisdom of our Founding Fathers – and watching our three branches of national government lumber along.

The sad truth is that after 238 years of wedded bliss, we have become a RINO – a republic in name only. We are like a stale suburban marriage, still legally married but sleepwalking through our prescribed, comfortable daily routines toward yet another predictable day of lather, rinse and repeat.

From time to time, one of the partners seeks a little excitement with a little action on the side. Not content with the steady and loyal partner, one side or the other succumbs to the temptation of an extramarital affair and often that means being with something a…

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