Roca Labs Stomps On Dick Hard With Hobnail Boots…OUCH!!

A few days ago I linked to a piece by Ken White at Popehat about a dubious diet supplement company called Roca Labs who had decided that unwanted criticism of it’s product was unlawful, forgetting the first amendment rights of it’s consumers and asking the courts to make them cease and desist.

White put up his famous Popehat Signal (TM), calling for any lawyers licensed to practice in Florida if they could come forward and help the people being sued and harassed by Roca Labs.

Now it gets even better, if you could call it that. Roca Labs, not content with catching the Ebola of the internets, the dreaded Streisand Effect, have decided that that wasn’t enough. They hired a wet behind the ears lawyer from the internet and have sued Marc Randazza, famed first amendment lawyer.

Here’s how Mr. White put it:

This crazy litigant goes to 11.

Roca Labs, you may recall, is the weight-loss-goo purveyor that is belligerent, litigious, and sensitive to criticism to a pathological degree. Last month I wrote about how they require their customers to sign no-criticism contracts, and had sued for carrying negative reviews. Yesterday I lit the Popehat Signal to seek help for customers Roca Labs has targeted with vexatious litigation — including, in what no doubt is just a big coincidence, one of the witnesses against them in their first litigation.

Can Roca Labs push the envelope more? Yes they can.

Today Marc Randazza — counsel for in Roca Labs’ frivolous suit — filed an updated notice of related cases in the PissedConsumer case. That updated notice revealed that Roca Labs has now sued Randazza himself for his activities defending

I just gotta shake my head at the dumbassedness of Roca Labs and set in a store of popcorn. This oughta be good.


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