Technology Is The Most Critical Threat To Civilization

Asylum Watch

The title of today’s post was first formated as a question: Is Technology The Greatest Threat To Civilization? Then I thought to myself: “Why be so cowardly? You believe technology is the greatest threat facing mankind’s construct of civilization; so go ahead and make it an emphatic statement.”

Rather bold, don’t you think, for a don nadia masquerading as a a self-appointed observer to the asylum we all have to live in? But sometimes, when you believe something strongly enough, you must not fail to make your stand.

Although defending my assertion could easily turn into a tome, I will endeavor to keep this brief.

Trends I Observe

  • World population growth, although it has slowed slightly, is still increasing at an alarming rate. So far, this point is more or less mitigated by increased productivity, which is, ironically, due to technological improvements.
  • Globalization, a natural phenomena in my opinion, means…

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