The Background To The #Benghazi Massacre Revealed

The Camp Of The Saints

The Conservative Treehouse has published another brief on the backstory to the Massacre At Benghazi by intrepid investigator Sundance [tip of the fedora to Fred Zeppelin].

2012-09-11-Death-of-Ambassador-StevensIt is quite long, but all I can tell you is (1) it is very well researched, (2) it is well-reasoned, and (3) I came away from it with a greater, clearer understanding of why the Massacre happened and the perfidy, the treachery, of the Administration, the State Department, and the CIA and the collusion of certain members of the Congress [including McConnell and Boehner] than I have ever had since the facts from that sad night of 11 September 2012 began to emerge.

I strongly urge you to take an hour or so and read it, and then contemplate the disgusting behavior of this Administration and it’s Treasonous actions that result in the murder of four Americans.

There is blood on…

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