Shocking News: The Rich Are Different

The Rio Norte Line

monopoly-runThe rich are different.

They are rich.

Whether ideologically (collectivism), rhetorically (speeches) or physically (protests), the progressive movement seeks to organize the “masses” against “the rich”. They try to sell the idea that life is a zero sum game and if someone has more than you do, they must have done something to you to get it – if they have a bigger piece of the pie, it must mean that you have a smaller one to eat. They market the idea that “income inequality” is both cause and effect of capitalism.

And they set about using their favorite tool – government – to rectify this “situation”.

So they focus on the rich…because like the famous bank robber Willie Sutton, they know that’s where the money is.

The problem with this process is that like most progressive policies, it misses the target and hits the very people it is intended…

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