On Ideology: The Fantasies Of Malcontents

The Camp Of The Saints

A sentence in a comment left by Friend In The Ether Ernst Schreiber in a post over at Protein Wisdom, prompted me to the following thoughts on Ideology and Ideologues…

Ernst wrote: ‘In the present age, ideology has defined reality.’

That, of course, is it’s purpose, which is born out of a profound dissatisfaction with Life as it is. All Ideologies are nothing but the fantasies of malcontents, immature dreamers who refuse to accept the hard-won Wisdom accumulated over the centuries by those who hoped to prevent their Posterity from launching on the painful process of reinventing the wheel every generation.

Once an Ideological system is implemented and it’s creators and proponents see it fail [as it always does], their frenzied reaction inevitably leads to the massacre of innocents.

The same thing happens, of course, whenever their plans for a Brave New World are frustrated long enough or…

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