Male female biological differences, patriarchy & evolution


Man has always been an animal and humans have always been ruled by hormones. And there is no evidence whatsoever of a primitive cult that was female based (the idea of Gaia / mother earth, giving birth to all creatures) which then degenerated into patriarchy. At best there were sporadic and disparate matriarchies, some somewhat successful, some less so. But none of them were universal. Patriarchy is simply the result of the fact that testosterone impels animals to establish themselves in a territory and hierarchy. As “unenlightened” as it may seem, the strong survive because they are strong, not because they are closer to God. Even in cultures with prominent, or even supreme female deities, or even matriarchal ruling lineages, temporal power always was enforced by strength — when it comes to evolution, nothing succeeds like success.

For most of human history — and almost certainly the entire (and vastly longer) era…

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