On Milksops And ‘Realists’

The Camp Of The Saints

We are not only engaged in a battle against a gang of Hamlets, who care what the Enemy thinks of them…


Thus do we oppose the anti-American revolutionary socialism of this imperial presidency: with milksops who look upon their offices as sinecures, and who view the optimal political situation as being becalmed in a sea of perpetual inutility.

Jeff Goldstein:

GOP “realists” are, with few exceptions, nothing more than pom-pom-waving progressives rooting for “our” team over team D. But beside the brand-humping, very little else separates them, save the speed by which they wish to push us past the antiquated Constitution and keep the professional political class intact in order to Get Things Done.

That is, they advocate for a political elite, sneer at representative government, and view the Constitution as a sometimes useful evil. When they aren’t essentially dismissing it as irrelevant by way of…

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