Maryland: Free-Range Totalitarianism?

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Purchase this image at has been in the news for a few days now and conservatives and liberals alike are all over the board on it.

It seems a Maryland couple have come under fire from CPS workers and cops for letting their children walk home alone.

Tree Hugger:

The authorities claim to have children’s best interests at heart, but they don’t hold with any alternative parenting styles that challenge the textbook definition. It leads to the disturbing question of “Who owns the children?”

On December 20, two kids were picked up by police while walking home from the park. They were halfway into their one-mile walk through Silver Spring, Maryland, in front of the Discovery building, when they caught the police’s attention because they were young – a 10-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister, with no accompanying adult in sight.

The kids were not lost; they had their parents’ permission to walk…

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