NOW Mocks Joni Ernst ‘Bread-bag Shoes’

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Bonni-550x289Thanks to the good folks at Twitchy for following up on the stupidity of Florida NOW secretaryBonni Axler, for mocking Sen. Joni Ernst’s rebuttal speech to Barack Obama’s SOTU standup routine.


Following the president’s State of the Union address was no easy task, but Sen. Joni Ernst did what she could to connect with her audience, such as relay an anecdote about wearing plastic bread bags over her feet as a child to keep them dry. A great proportion of America found this unspeakably hilarious, sending #breadbags and #breadbagfeet trending.

Just as Sarah Palin is still haunted by the line that she could see Russia from her house (something she never said), bread bag jokes will apparently never get old, or funny. Campus Reform’s Letty Burgin…

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2 thoughts on “NOW Mocks Joni Ernst ‘Bread-bag Shoes’

  1. Sure she finds it funny, she grew up in Florida.
    Any Northern kid in the 70’s or 80’s has worn bread bags on their feet in the winter. Of course it makes sense that a NOW leader wouldn’t recognize the common sense of doing so, they can’t even recognize that babies are living human beings. Just unfortunate that they have so many women rationalizing the same thing and far too many men tagging blindly along. Oh well, it takes time but the truth comes out eventually. Europe, Russia, China and even the Arab countries are beginning to see the long term fruits of radical feminism with dropping birth rates and aging populations. I guess they got blindsided…kinda like walking in the snow in sneakers.

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