If You Are Mitt, You Must Go Quit

If we get another Bush in the White House…turn out the lights, the party’s over for America as we knew it.

The Camp Of The Saints

Sub-head: Romney Says, ‘No More, Man’

One ‘severe conservative’ down, a few more to go.

It was inevitable because The Bush Machine was going to run right over the doofus from Loserville, the former Governor of Utopia-East.

All the big Corporatist Republicans were going to go with Jeb Amore Bush, many simply because, to them, Romney is a dud, a flop, a washout, a clunker, a lemon in an expensive suit, and the Bushes are winners and, by yimminy, those Neo-Fascists want a seat at the Power And Control Table at the Enlightened Elite Club.

And don’t forget: Signor Juan has a Laaa-tee-nah! wife — she’ll add, shall we say, a little color to the GOP ticket [although, it is reported that she has a temper and is seen by many as la bruja].

And further don’t forget: at the last Republican Presidential Convention, the GOP Leadership…

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