On Perpetual Peril As A Necessary Attribute Of Republics

The Camp Of The Saints

In a recent post by William Jacobson [tip of the fedora to Darleen Click — whose remarks are well-worth reading on this] on the efforts by the Left In America to intimidate the Supreme Court into ruling their way on the Obamacare case before them, King v. Burwell, along with his usual spot-on analysis, he quotes from a recent article by Supreme Court ‘expert’ NYT reporter, Linda Greenhouse, entitled: The Supreme Court at Stake: Overturning Obamacare Would Change the Nature of the Supreme Court.  The poor gal is practically having a nervous breakdown over the possibility that SCOTUS may deal a fatal blow to Socialist Healthcare.

Mzzz. Greenhouse Gas writes:

…Not only the Affordable Care Act but the court itself is in peril as a result.

Every branch, every department, of the government should always feel in peril of the wrath of the Sovereign People, at whose pleasure…

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