#ThisIsNotIslam Kills Another American

Regular Right Guy

kayla-muellerI have to question the sanity of any American who goes to the Middle East to offer aid to Muslims caught up in the fight against the Syrian dictator Assad. Especially since the people they are trying to help may very possibly be selling Westerners to their own avowed enemy.

But Arizonan Kayla Mueller, 26, went anyway, and now she has apparently lost her life.

Daily Beast

ISIS says Kayla Mueller is dead, killed in a Jordanian air strike. But in not showing the world proof, it continues to torture the woman’s family.

When ISIS released that unspeakable video of the captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive, there seemed to be nothing more barbarous the monsters in black could do.

But by some measures it was crueler to release no images at all after ISIS announced that 26-year-old Kayla Mueller had been killed in one of the air strikes that…

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