Your Good Freaking Grief story of the Day

The Daley Gator


Newtown activists on Thursday helped introduce the first gun safety bill in this Congress, officially kicking off the gun control debate on Capitol Hill.

The bill would ban large capacity ammunition clips for everyone but military members and law enforcement officers. It was introduced by Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5th District, in the House and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., in the Senate.

The bill’s proponents characterized the legislation as a needed safety measure, like seat belts or airbags, that would save lives, not only those threatened by a mass murderer, but also police who are often outgunned by criminals.

Same old, same old BS. These measures would do nothing to prevent another Newtown. The bad guys will still get “high-capacity” magazines, note I said magazines, and not clips! I did so because they are NOT CLIPS! These buffoons do not even understand what they are trying to limit. But, of…

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