Bill Maher: ObamaCare Largely Sucks

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maherLefty Bill Maher has turned on ObamaCare.

Friday night, the standup comedian told his HBO audience that the President’s Affordable Care Act is not affordable and is confusing, and that it’s scary because some people have given up trying to buy health care insurance at all.

Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller:

“Obamacare: You know it’s the signature achievement of obviously this president and like many liberals I’ve been screaming how great it has been and ‘it’s working’ and ‘there’s no doubt,’” Maher said on his HBO show “Real Time.” …

“But The New York Times on Sunday did an article that basically said, you know, when Obama said if you like your plan nothing will change — well, everything has changed,” Maher said. “46 percent of people are having trouble paying health care costs now, up 10 percent from a year ago because the deductibles went the up, the co-pays…

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