Newest threat to civilization? White Masculinity!

The Daley Gator

Good Freaking Grief! I have to wonder sometimes if a big part of the show prep on MSNBS involves everyone getting together, throwing twenty dollar bills in a pot, and betting on who can come up with the most moronic things to say. I think this guy, who is deathly afraid of White masculinity, wins that pot! H’T Right Scoop

Chapel Hill shooting was an escalation of ‘performance of WHITE MASCULINITY’ in US – MSNBC guest

Sooper Mexican sums up the good doctor

Dr. Jonathan Metzl has successfully erased all trace of masculinity in himself, and he promises that he can do the same for you!! Just vote for Obama, be ashamed of Western Civilization and America, and put on a glistening fresh coat of white shame every morning and you’ll be just as effete as he is!

You know that Pit of Eternal Liberal Stupidity i write about? The…

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