More Good Advice

More Good Advice.

Why waste money on a PHD. Hell, why waste money on a college degree of any type. Go to a trade school or an apprenticeship program and learn a trade like carpentry or plumbing, auto mechanics, ect. That’s where the money is if you want a comfortable life.


5 thoughts on “More Good Advice

  1. Too true.
    The more sub-standard college graduates that we turn out, the more employers learn that the little piece of parchment is worth somewhere between “diddly” and “squat”, at least to them.

    The world needs tradesmen, and always will.
    Learn a trade and get on with your life…

    • That’s why I’m a carpenter with 35 yrs experience. I tried the college scene back when it was still relatively cheap and mine would have been paid for by the VA, except I was too interested in partying instead of going to class and learning something.

  2. When I went to college, it was about $900 bucks a semester for in state tuition and I was getting $250 bucks a month from the VA. I don’t think about it anymore, but I used to wonder…what if?

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